Hospital Magic

Pod Children’s Charity

Pod Children’s Charity

Entertaining Children in Hospitals.

I am so proud to a part of Pod Children’s Charity.

The name POD came about through the seeds of FUN, MAGIC and LAUGHTER being contained within a POD.
POD Childrens Charity was founded in 1977 by David Jamilly who remains Chair of Trustees.

POD Childrens Charity is a nationwide charity which organizes entertainment for children in hospital.

As an entertainer for Pod I visit 5 different hospital during the month doing a total of 9 shows, these are a mix of shows in a hospital play room or balloon modelling and magic working bed to bed around the wards.
I have had parents say to me “That’s the first time we have seen her smile in months!”
For some children a stay in hospital can be traumatic, for some who are in for a long period of time, it can be boring! A few moments with an entertainer can brighten up their day or help them through a hard time.

For more information about Pod Children’s Charity and how you can help visit

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