Children's Magic Parties

Featuring Snot the Dragon and Friends

Stress Free Magic Party

In a two hour children’s party you get 50 minutes of magic and ventriloquism with the production of a special birthday card, followed by a break for refreshments (not supplied) Then its back for 50 minutes of magic party games. All the party games are non elimination so all the children are involved all the time. At the end of the games there is a magical production of sweets for everyone. Suitable for ages 3-7 up to 30 children

From £250

Magic Fun Show

45 minutes of magic and ventriloquism.  Suitable for ages 3 and up. This funny magic show can be performed at home, in a hall or even a theatre as it is suitable for audiences of any size. Lots of magic, audience participation and funny puppets. Free invitations are also supplied.

From £150

The 66 special

This is a 66 minute special party. It has all the magic and the production of sweets from the Stress Free party but it is perform before the birthday tea. In an 11-1 party the 66 special would run from 11:09-12:15

From £195

Special Events

With 20 years experience Colin has devised a show that is especially suitable for the under 5s at preschool or nursery. This show uses lots of friendly puppets that interact with the children and perform amazing magic tricks. All the tricks are very visual and simple to follow and use bright coloured props. The children get to call out colours, help with magic words and get to perform stunning magic.

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