Christmas Magic Fund Raiser

Children love magic shows and children love christmas so of course christmas is an ideal time for schools and playgroups to have a magician as a treat for all the boys and girls, but in these hard pressed times quality magicians can be quite expensive.

What if you could have the UK Children’s Entertainer of the Year 2014 entertain your children and still make money for you school or a favourite charity?

Colin Dymond and Snot the Dragon have such a solution. It’s a simple ticket share, you organise the children and sell tickets to the event, you can choose from an afternoon, just for children, event or an after school family cabaret. You sell the tickets and we split the sales 50/50 you can of course make some extra by selling drinks and snacks or you can include them in your ticket cost.

For more information on the shows available please fill in the contact form

Kidology trophy