How to choose an entertainer

With so many entertainers on the internet how do you know which one to choose. Remember that this is a special occasion for your child, one that should give them lasting memories for all the right reasons. A great entertainer will turn up on time, looking professional and will have all the expertise needed to make it a great show.

I have seen and heard of magicians who turn up late, look scruffy, smell of alcohol or BO or both, act inappropriately with the children, aim jokes at the adults that they think go over the children’s heads, one entertainer might not have al these traits but how can you tell just from their web site?

Here are some questions to ask.

  • Are they a professional? Full time entertainers have to take more care of their business as it’s their only source of income. If you are just getting a bit of extra “cash in hand” at the weekend then it is not so important.
  • How long have they been professional? Experience counts, in my nearly 20 years of entertaining children I have seen and dealt with just about every scenario, I am constantly monitoring the children to see if the pace of the show needs changing and finding out who is the best child to pick to help for which trick.
  • Do they belong to The Magic Circle? There are lots of local magic clubs that do a great job in promoting magic, I am the president of The Cotswold Magical Society but The Magic Circle is the only club that you have to pass a strict exam to become a member. The highest exam you can take make you an associate of The Inner Magic Circle with silver star. I am very honoured to have been awarded this in 2012.
  • Do they have public liability insurance? If the magician knocks over your antique vase whilst bringing his props in to your house is he covered? I am a member of Equity and as a member I have £10 million pounds worth of cover.
  • Testimonials? Obviously these can be made up but if they have several and they are not too old then it’s worth checking them out.
  • How much should I pay? Like every thing in life there is a range of prices for children’s entertainers and most of the time you get what you pay for. A cheap entertainer might just be starting out, I was a lot cheeper 20 years ago! A lot of the money I earn gets put back into the business, keeping my equipment, props and puppets in the best order. I want my show to be the best experience for the audience and the booker, you will get a proper contract and invoice and I will do what has been quoted.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions about your event, please get in contact and I will do my best to help.