Children’s Magic Lessons

Magic is “cool”!

Never has magic been so popular with the public and especially with children, it’s all over the TV Dynamo, Troy, Killer Magic and BGT but the thing that makes this so exciting is that the magic is accessible to all. There isn’t the need for large boxes and glamorous assistants the magic that is popular and known as “Street Magic” is magic that you can carry in your pockets, magic with everyday object.

The effect that blew Simon Cowell away on BGT cost less than £10!!!

But! and it’s a big but, buying a £10 magic trick does not make you a magician! Here’s where magic school comes in, magic lessons with a member of The Magic Circle with 20 years experience not only teaches the mechanic of magic but more crucially the performance of magic. Magic is a performing art and requires the same skills as an actor. There is a saying that “A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician”. Colin teaches easy to learn tricks that become “magic”!

In either a magic workshop or Magic School your child will receive every thing they need to be able to perform the tricks taught in the lessons.

Suitable for children in key stage 2 up to 20 per class!

See the Magic Lessons page for more details.