Balloon Models

Balloon Model monkey up a tree

Children and adults alike love balloon animals. Balloon modelling is a great addition to your children’s magic party or maybe a family fun day. Colin can make anything from a simple balloon dog or a sword, great if you have lots of kids and you just want a simple, fun, give away or he can make more detailed sculptures such as penguins, bunny rabbits or monkeys up trees. Flowers are a firm favourite with the ladies, Colin can make delicate corsages to fit on the wrist, these look great and still keep the hands free.

Magic Party Balloon Upgrade

Balloon models for all the children plus a special balloon for the birthday child

The Balloon Model Upgrade is just £30 and includes either a balloon dog or a balloon butterfly for up to 30 children.

The birthday child will get a deluxe model, either an Octopus, Monkey up a tree, or a Super Deluxe Balloon Flower.

The Balloon Pack is available without booking a party for £50

Balloon Models Dog
Balloon Modell Penquin
balloon models at a wedding

Super Deluxe Balloon Models

Wacky “Ride Inside” Cars, Giant Poodles, Money Chasing Bananas

These are some of the options available as either an add on to your party or as a stand alone present, maybe for the birthday child or how about a super deluxe flower for a teacher or someone in hospital.

Contact Colin for prices of these models.

Balloon model Car
Balloon Poodle