Carlos The Animated Toucan

A fantastic character with many uses.

Trade Shows: Carlos, The Animated Toucan can be used to draw people to your booth.

Queue Busting: Are you hosting a busy event where people will spend a long time in a queue? Carlos can interact with them as they walk by, this adds another layer of entertainment before the main event.

Just for fun: Carlos can be set up in a shopping mall just to add interest to peoples day. It’s great to hear the conversations people will get into with a stuffed bird.

How Does It Work?

Carlos comes complete with his handler, Colin Dymond. Colin stands several meters away from Carlos and blends into the background, he has a listening device so he can hear what people are saying to Carlos. Carlos can then have funny conversations with the public.

Carlos can perform up to four, thirty minute sessions a day.

Colin requires just one 13 amp outlet for power, everything else is supplied by Colin.

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